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By United Workers Union

API pharmacy warehouse workers want a fair pay increase
We are essential workers at API’s Dandenong warehouse, supplying pharmacies such as Priceline.

During the pandemic we came to work every day to make sure that the community had access to critical medicines, rapid tests and masks. We helped keep the community safe, and we still do.

Like all working people, we have been hit hard by cost of living increases, with many of us struggling to make ends meet. When we sat down with API to negotiate wage increases this year, we were hoping to be rewarded for our hard work and to be able to keep up with inflation. Instead, the company has offered us a wage cut in real terms.

API is owned by Wesfarmers. The CEO of Wesfarmers earned $8 million last year alone.

Like other working people, we are sick of our wages going backwards while the executives take home record pay packets off the back of our hard work. We know lots of other workers are too.

We are on strike until we receive a fair and decent offer, and we are asking for your support!

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Explainer document: Campaign Against  Pensioner Poverty


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Sign the petition for a better age pension

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No Pensioner left behind

Why is this important?
We the undersigned call on the Australian Government to address the failure to maintain the Age Pension at a level that aligns to acceptable community living standards. Age pensioners are now living at or below the poverty line, because of obsolete statutory methods of calculating the six-monthly increases. This is significantly contributing to the rise in homelessness, malnutrition, isolation, and physical/mental health issues.

Subject to the March ‘23 pensions increase, at the May 2023 Budget the dollar amount of the Base Pension Rate for single pension must be lifted to $655/week and for couple pensioners, $769/week.

We request that:

1. That Male Full-time Adult Ordinary Time Average Weekly Earnings, replace Male Total Average Weekly Earnings as the benchmark to align with community living standards.

2. That the single age pension base level be set at 35% of that standard, and the couple rate shall be maintained at the current relativity.

3. That the current concept for six-monthly increases be maintained on that basis.

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Sign the petition:  It’s time to end homelessness
No matter who you are or where you come from, everyone needs a safe, decent and affordable home. But in Australia right now, more than 122,000 people have no home on any given night. Sign the petition via this link