Volunteer Administration Assistant


  • write to your local member of parliament and let them know you support the work FGFP is doing and want action now  

  • phone or visit your local member of parliament and and outline your concerns. Check out FGFP Facebook page to view the issues currently under discussion.

  • write to the Prime Minister urging him to show politiical leadership based on compassion and social justice

  • start a discussion group in your local area

  • join FGFP rallies and let State and Federal politicians know that you want urgent action to work towards the elimination of poverty and financial hardship.

    • support FGFP donate below

      • use social media platforms to get the messages out

      • write to newspapers

      • staff information stalls

      • undertake research for FGFP   


    Donations can be made to: 

    Fair Go for Pensioners (FGFP) Coalition Victoria Incorporated 

     FGFP says a very big thank you for any financial assistance you can provide.


    In December 2013 a FGFP Individual Section was established in response to many request for direct involvement rather than through member organisations.

    If you are interested and committed to the values of fairness, equity and a fair go at life for all then join us. 

    Learn more about FGFP by returning to the ‘About Us’ web page or phone using the contact numbers given.

    Volunteer to become an individual member of FGFP and help out.

    Click here for membership form

    Return forms to Fair Go for Pensioners Coalition Inc

    C/o AMWU, 1st Floor Reception

    251 Queensberry Street

    Carlton South 3053