Successful rally protests government let down of pensioners

By Ugly

The Fair Go For Pensioners 24 May rally at  the front  the State Library  in Melbourne’s Swanston Street went very well and attracted a decent crowd of participants.

The rally had been organised in response the federal budget, which brought significant new restrictions to those on Centrelink payments and this included older Australians.

FGFP’s  main concerns are with the change to pensioner the assets test that excludes a significant number of older Australians, because they may have a small holiday property; attacks on Medicare and  the threat to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS); and reduction on the right to overseas travel.

The rally also took on issues that  are faced by the unemployed on Newstart,  those on disability support and single parents.

There were speakers representing these groups,  who provided very important information and called on governments to help vulnerable people.

This has been a good start to an ongoing campaign that will  see more and bigger actions in the future.


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