Who can live with soaring costs of living?


Oh that’s right, those self-defined battlers bringing home over $200,000 a year as Martin reports

Andrew Clennell reports that households are to pay up to $400 a year more for power from 1 July 2017 because of a 50 per cent increase in the wholesale electricity price.

Over here in the real world yet another cost of living blow to low-income earners bringing home $36,134.80 (before tax) a year and recipients on income support payment as little as $15,000 (includes rental allowance) a year living below the poverty line on Newstart Allowance.

What this means for individuals and families living in poverty or at high risk of poverty is a life of unrelenting hardship and for some the final straw: pushed into poverty or into deepening poverty.  See below.

As FGFP has reported over the years below is the reality and we continue to campaign against poverty including producing a Victorian Anti-Poverty recommendations statement as a contribution towards a Victorian Anti-Poverty Strategy.  As VCOSS reports, over 1 million Victorians were either living in poverty or just above it. Learn more:

  • No jobs for all – tough live in poverty
  • No money for rent – out on the street
  • No money for food – don’t eat
  • No money for power bills – live in the dark 58,500 Victorian customers were disconnected for non-payment of energy bills in 2013-14.
  • No money for cloths – wear rags
  • No money for the doctor – stay sick
  • No money for school books – can’t learn
  • No money for petrol – walk

tell that to people trying to get to work and those from regional and rural Victoria   trying to go about their daily lives

  • No money for public transport – walk

tell that to Centrelink clients trying to get to appointments on time without being    docked income support.

  • You cannot accumulate superannuation for retirement if you are: –          unemployed or

–  can only find low paid casual work or

–  labour hire by the day or week.


ACT NOW by joining FGFPs 2017 Anti-Poverty Campaign.  Distribute FGFP contribution towards a Victorian Anti-Poverty Strategy, distribute FGFP website and Facebook , spread the word, talk to your local Member of Parliament, ring your local radio station, photocopy an article and send to your community newspaper, arrange talks in your local community, and get involved including becoming a member of FGFP Victoria.


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