More public housing not less

As a group of community organisations we say NO to the sell-offs and NO to a program that will see public tenants forced to move from their homes and unlikely to return. Please support us in protecting the public housing we have and demanding that governments invest in more.

We are calling on the Minister for Housing, Martin Foley, to put a stop to the Victorian Government’s current program of:

  • preparing to demolish existing units on nine public housing estates
  • moving public tenants out into alternative accommodation, without a guaranteed right to return to their current homes
  • selling off large parts of the land to property developers for the building of apartments for the private market
  • replacing the existing public housing by smaller units that will accommodate fewer people
  • abandoning its responsibility for public housing and handing it over to private operators.
Rally at the Minister’s office
11 am, 2 March    46 Rouse Street  Port Melbourne
Authorized by Hands Off Public Housing |

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