How I got myself off My Health Record

By Ugly

My Health Record was a concept promoted by government some time ago. It looked to me as an older person with some history in the medical and scientific field like a very good idea. All your medical information in one easily accessible place for medicos.

For several years I was holding this idea, until it emerged that the government had dismally failed to keep those records safe from unauthorised access.

What now? I thought. What is the best thing for an older person to do? Do I risk it, or do I get out? After quite a lot of thought, to get out of it was the only acceptable answer.

The government has never really guaranteed anything. Nothing is legislated that will seriously deter misuse, access by vested interests, such as insurance companies, drug manufacturers (legitimate or otherwise).

The upshot of this was that I tried to cancel my health records on the system. I tried for ages on my computer without success. I phoned the number, anda person transferred me.  After another long wait to get an answer. Then I was put on hold and got no further contact.

Hmmmmm. Was this a deliberate delaying or off-putting tactic?

I tried again later, and eventually got through to who I needed to talk to at the Australian Digital Health Agency. I was then assisted by a rather helpful person to give the information they needed. At the end, I was told that my file had been cancelled.  told it was cancelled.

Why was it so difficult to get through?

A letter I subsequently received states, “…that as of (date) your record was cancelled…It means health providers will no longer be able to enter information about your health into My Health Record, and you, your health care providers, and any nominated representatives will no longer be able to access it.”

Great. That’s fine by me.

Everyone needs to be careful, when our identity and personal details are turned into a commodity for someone to make money out of. This is not only about being bothered by outfits trying to sell us something. It means becoming more vulnerable to identity theft and your name being used for illegal activities, and as higher change of being bullied by big brother.

Can we really trust the promises by politicians that this will not happen?

By standing up and not meekly accepting something you consider wrong, you can put yourself in a better position.



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