Greta is attacked because she is a voice for change

by Joe Montero

The Attack on Greta Thunberg is vicious. In Australia it began with Andrew Bolt’s mocking and has continued with other like-minded spirits. Similar attacks have taken place around the world.

Greta’s address to the United Nations Climate Action Summit has raised this to a new pitch.

This is what she had to say.

‘How dare you’: This is Greta Thunberg’s passionate cry for climate action

Video from ABC News (Australia)

She only told the truth.

Knocking the person and avoiding the questions raised is the common thread in the attacks, which happen to reveal, what really lies behind the dark thoughts of those who make them.

Greta rose to her international standing because she had the qualities and courage, to become a voice for millions of young people around the, who are better educated than any previous generation. They know what’s going on, don’t like it and demand action.

What the knockers are really afraid of is voice of youth. So they should be. The young are standing up and they have the potencial power to change the world.

This is what lies the diatribe about being controlled by teachers, or an organised plot churning out lies.

Donald Trump rudely and publicly snubs Greta

U.S. president Donald Trump’s reaction to Greta was childish. At least he was there. Australia’s prime minister didn’t even do this. despite being in the same city.

Video from Tim’s Outpost

Anyone whose been a teacher, let alone a parent, knows that teenagers cannot be controlled this way. They have their own opinions, and they have access to more information than any previous generation.

The attackers lack the ability to challenge the issues and can only hold on by avoiding true evidence, relying on insults, and in some cases putting, forward pseudo science, which every kid knows can be disproved through simple experiments.

Take the one about carbon being good for you. The fact that all life is carbon based is supposed to prove this. By the same line of reasoning, so should a class full of hydrochloric acid. After all, it needed in the stomach to help digest the food we eat.

Greta has been doing a monumental job to help cut through all this, and she has had the the courage to stand before the world and say that the emperor has no clothes., exposed and acutely embarrassed political and business leaders.

she has left them looking like a bunch of inept and corrupt individuals, far more interested in working together to ensure their gravy trains, than dealing with a real crisis. She has called them out for being part of the problem.

This needs to be done.

They hate her for it.

Those most closely tied to fossil fuels interests drag behind them a part of society, which does not yet realise that they are the ones who are being manipulated.

One ting they can’t take. Greta has helped millions to come to the belief that changew can be made, if we all do our part and join together. This will btring in many more millions, to join the unstoppable movement that is the hope for humanity and the world

What happened at the United Nations Climate Action Summit?

Last week there was a global climate strike, where millions came out into the streets.

On Monday (their time), the United Nations Climate Action Summit 2019 met in New York.

The 70 participating countries announced that they will boost their national plans to cut carbon emissions.

But, as Greta Thunberg told them, this is still far from enough. The glimmer of hope is that the turn of public opinion has been powerful enough to exert pressure. Without this, even the limited goals that have been set would not have come about.

Even so, there has been enough of a shift to improve the conditions to press for more, and most of the world is going along with it.

These are the most important decisions made.

Twelve of them said they would contribute to the Green Climate Fund to assist developing countries to make the transition.

China announced that it would cut 12 billion tons of emissions annually and transform to low carbon development. India pledge a new drive to move towards renewable energy. Russia said it will ratify the Paris agreement. Pakistan will plant 1o billion new trees over the next 5 years.

Much of Europe will close down its coal fired power plants over the next few years.

Over 100 business leaders, whose businesses make up more than $2 trillion of investments, declared their support for a transition to a green economy. Over 1000 cities around the world, many of them among the biggest cities, announced concrete new steps.

The summit declared an intention to reach zero net carbon emissions by 2050 and to mobilise $1 trillion in clean energy investment by 2025.

Agreement to establish initiatives to establish a framework to support jobs, clean air and to support the most vulnerable was achieved.

Agreements reached at summits does not mean that they will actually be implemented. This is why the pressure must not only be kept up, it must be increased.

Success will not be won a summits. Change will be decided on the ground, when enough people in individual nations and around the world stand up, and will no longer tolerate anything less than what is necessary.

Greta is making a major contribution towards making this come about.

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